A Publication of the Department of Economics
Rivers State University, Port Harcourt.

Economic and Social Science Review (ESR)


Economic Desk Journals is an institutional based platform for academics and professionals to share the latest developments in empirical research with practical applications and analysis of theoretical andmethodological developments in the field of Economics and allied Discipline. Economic Desk Journals is a peer-reviewed open access journal. >>>


  1. Foreign Direct Investment and Economic Growth Nexus in Nigeria
    JCREDS Vol: 1 No: 1

  2. Crude Oil Price And Inflation Rate In Nigeria
    ESR Vol: 1 No: 1

  3. Dynamics of Trade Openness and Rising Curve of General Price Level: Insights and Lessons for Nigeria
    ESR Vol: 1 No: 1

  4. Macroeconomic Policy And Agricultural Development In Nigeria
    ESR Vol: 1 No: 1

  5. Effects of Capital Flight on Industrial Development in Nigeria
    ESR Vol: 1 No: 1


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