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Title: Roles Of Agricultural Insurance Scheme In Poultry Production In Selected LGAs In Rivers State – A Case Of Nigerian Agricultural Insurance Corporation (NAIC)
Abstract: The study was carried out to determine the roles of agricultural insurance scheme in poultry entreprise in Rivers State (a case study of NAIC). A detailed sampling technique with the aid of a questionnaire was used in the analysis of the above mentioned findings, from a sample frame of respondents which led to the various logical conclusions drawn for the purpose of this study. The data collected from the famers were analyzed using descriptive statistics, while logistic regression tool was used to analyze the hypothesis. The findings showed that more women were involved in agricultural enterprise with 54% as against their male counterparts, who were 46% which also showed that the mean ages of these farmers was 46 years. Similarly, results showed that 50% of the farmers sampled, were in one form of cooperative association and the others are not members of any formal cooperative society. The result also shows that 56% of the farmers have been visited by extension agents (either by a school or a research institute), while 44% of them have not had any form of formal visit since they began operation. The result also went further to show poultry stock held by the various farmers who were sampled for the purpose of this study, and the findings were that 19.3% of the farmers had over 300 birds while 33.3%(which was the highest percentage) of farmers had over 100 birds. Further result also shows that 86.7% of farmers had no insurance cover, while only 13.3% of the farmers claim to have one form of insurance cover for their birds. The aforementioned results shows that patronage of agricultural insurance scheme by poultry farmers, is generally low which negatively impacts on the results showed that most farmers showed little interest despite the many intervention schemes developed by past and present leaders to enhance and improve the overall outlook of agricultural and food security in the county, with particular interest on the poultry sector. To this end, it is pertinent that an overhauling of strategy is adopted in furtherance to attract more farmers through awareness and sensitization creation targeted especially to the middle aged, to the wide variety of possibilities the scheme offers those in the poultry sector.
Keywords: Roles, Selection, Insurance, Poultry, Production
Journal: Journal of Contemporary Research in Economics and Development Studies (JCREDS)

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