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Title: International Financial Grants and Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria
Author(s): IGBANI Ishmael Claude, EWUBARE DENNIS, Rosemary B. & NYECHE, Ezebunwo
Abstract: This study examines the impact of international financial grant on poverty alleviation in Nigeria from 1981 to 2019. The study made used of secondary data collected from CBN statistical bulletin, National Bureau of statistics (NBS) and World Bank Development Indicators. A preestimation test was conducted basically on descriptive statistics, trend analysis and unit root test to know the stationarity of the data. The Johansen cointegration was used to examine the long run equilibrium relationship among the variables and the vector error correction mechanism were used to reconcile the short run behavior of the time series variables to their longrun equilibrium behavior from which the findings and conclusions were based on. The findings revealed as follows: The coefficient of the ECM is 0.9446 which is correctly signed indicating a speed of adjustment of about 94.46% to long run equilibrium from the shortrun dynamics? foreign financial grant has negative statistical significant impact on poverty rate in the longrun and a positive significant impact on the shortrun horizon? official development assistant has a positive statistically significant impact on poverty rate in longrun period and a negative statistically significant impact on the short run period? technical cooperate grant has no statistically significant impact on the longrun while in the shortrun, has a positive statistical significant impact on poverty rate? and exchange rate has a negative significant impact on poverty rate in the long run and a positive statistical significant impact on poverty rate in the short run horizon. The study recommends that: There is need for international financial organization to set up a monitoring team that will ensure efficient and effective implementation of the grant to target base objectives of the program. The government should setup social economic development programs that can attract and facilitate international financial grant as well as technical grant so that the incidence of poverty can be minimize to the barest minimum. The government should set a reliable mechanism approach for the Stabilization of exchange rate so as to exert it’s effect on poverty reduction in Nigeria.
Keywords: Financial Grants, Poverty Alleviation, Economic Development, Development assistance, Technical corpo
Journal: Economic and Social Science Review (ESR)

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