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Economic and Social Science Review (ESR) Vol 1 No 1
Table of Contents
1 Crude Oil Price And Inflation Rate In Nigeria
2 Dynamics of Trade Openness and Rising Curve of General Price Level: Insights and Lessons for Nigeria
3 Macroeconomic Policy And Agricultural Development In Nigeria
4 Effects of Capital Flight on Industrial Development in Nigeria
5 Empirical Investigation of the Relationship between Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth in Nigeria
6 Sustainable Development and Soil Degredation: The Nigerian Experience
7 International Financial Grants and Poverty Alleviation in Nigeria
8 Analysis of Food Inflationary Effect on Nigerian Household Income 1995-2021
9 Impact of Unemployment on Economic Growth in Nigeria (2000 – 2020)
10 Analysis Of Food Inflationary Effect On Nigerian Household Consumption Expenditure 1995-2021
11 Assessing the Influence of Government Agricultural Financing on Crop Productivity in Nigeria 1980-2020
12 Economic Implications of Anti-open Grazing Law on Sustainable Food Security in Rivers State
13 Manufactured Exports and Economic Development in Nigeria, 1980-2020
14 NonOil Exports and Poverty Reduction in Nigeria, 19802020
15 Impact of Financial Inclusion on Economic Growth in Nigeria
16 International Oil Price and Inflationary Pressure in Nigeria
17 Determinants Of Private Domestic Investment In Nigeria
18 The Nexus Between Tax Revenue And Economic Growth In Nigeria
19 Government Spending, Trend Causes And Consequences In Nigeria
20 Effect of Remittances on Economic Growth in Nigeria (1980 – 2017)
21 Agricultural Financing and the Growth of Agricultural Sector: A MultiVariant Study from Nigeria
22 Macroeconomic Variables And Inflow Of Foreign Direct Investment: A Comparative Study Of Nigeria And Ghana
23 Determinants of Financial Inclusion in Nigeria
24 The Effect of Human Capital on Foreign Direct Investment Inflow In Nigeria: A Time Series Analysis
25 School Enrolment, Public Expenditure And Economic Growth In Nigeria
26 Impact of Migrants’ Remittances and External Reserve on Exchange Rate Stability in Nigeria
27 Climate Change and Economic Growth in Niger Delta Region
28 Impact of Globalization on Poverty Reduction in Nigeria
29 Impact of Small and MediumScale Enterprises (SMEs) on Economic Growth in Nigeria (2001 2020)
30 Influence Of Herdsmen/community Conflict On Supply Of Cow Meat In Abia State, Nigeria
31 Impact Of Non-oil Exports On Economic Growth In Nigeria (19812018)
32 Empirical Investigation Of The Implications Of Malaria Infection On The Productivity Of Farmers: A Case Of Cassava Production In Tai Local Government Area, Rivers State, Nigeria
33 Healthcare Expenditures And Nigeria's Economic Growth
34 Identification Of Welfare Packages To Rural And Urban Prisons In Rivers State, Nigeria
35 Nigeria External Debt Profile And The Response Of The Nigeria Economy: A Normalised Johansen Equation And Error Correction Method Approach
36 Challenges And Prospects Of Corruption Control In Nigeria
37 Effect Of Population Growth And Financial Development On Economic Growth In Nigeria
38 Environmental Degradation And Economic Growth In Nigeria: A Vector Error Correction Model Approach

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